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I have a PhD in derrière millinery.

FIC: A is for Apple

Title: A is for Apple
Author: cruiscin_lan
Characters: Brittany
Word Count: ~100
Rating: G
Disclaimer: If I owned Glee, all proceeds would go to the Howard Bamboo Legal Defense Fund.
Spoilers/Warnings: An angsty Brittany drabble? Say it ain't so.

A is for apple.

She's hidden the book in her lap, beneath the desk so no one can see it. As she turns the page, she traces her finger beneath the words, and when she says them in her head she moves her lips instinctively.

B is for bear.

"B is for bear," she reads, accidentally out loud.

"What's that?" Quinn asks.

"B is for... burrito," Brittany quips, and Finn laughs in his seat in front of them while Quinn simply rolls her eyes.

Brittany smiles, hiding the realization that if she can't read by now, she probably never will.
Tags: character: brittany the cheerio, fandom: glee, fanfiction, rating: g
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